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Over the years, I have spent much time dealing with other people's health issues and with emotional healing.  Here's just some of what people have been saying:
"I have listened to your advice, and occasionally strayed, having been influenced by other health advocates' opinions often by reading material, but I have always come back to what you say and realised that it is always right.  I always find your advice is the most beneficial!" Miss M
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Last updated: November 20, 2011
Ulcerative Colitis "Since the fast, it has been amazing. I have had not bleeding at all, I am off all drugs, I look so healthy that everyone keeps commenting on how good I look and people are even saying that I look so much younger. My skin is clear, my eyes are clear. I can eat and have no pain, no bleeding. Amazing!! I can now go out in the evening with my husband and enjoy having dinner out. I have started playing sport again after years of not being able to. My energy levels are so different i.e. I have bags of it. Even my husband cannot keep up with me. Life has just taken on another meaning. I've been having normal bowel movements for the first time in years.  I feel great! Thanks so much!!!!!!  Iam feeling really good. Can't remember the last time I felt so well." Mrs A-J

Various health complaints  "I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how I'm getting on. I have been surprised at the lack of cravings for chocolate and crisps! I have even received gifts of chocolates and just by looking at the wrapper I felt I didn't even want to try it - it looked so unhealthly! I also feel emotionally balanced to deal with problems face on instead of resorting to eating  I'm interested in any literature you may recommend during this period of transition. I'm finding the whole process fascinating but still need all the encouragement I can get. At work I bring in my own lunch and so far people keep commenting that what I eat looks lovely and I tell them it tastes lovely too! I keep listening to your tape as it has been my motivator during the times of discouragement (which haven't been that many).  As to my weight - my clothes feel slightly looser but I haven't lost any excess weight as yet. I'm not disappointed because generally I feel much better than I normally do. I have also noticed at times that I seem to be more intuitive - sometimes I think about someone and within a short space of time I either read about them or meet them or they contact me. Is this another benefit? If yes, I would love more of this please!  Thank you Gina for all your help.  'Miss D'

Alopecia. "Many thanks for your help. I have felt much better in mind, spirit and body. I really do intend to stick at this new diet for at least 80% of the time." Miss B

Ulcerative Colitis/Proctitis/Diverticulitis.  During her stay with me, Mrs D said the following:  "I had a feeling when I first spoke with you that you'd be excellent and I've learnt so much whilst staying with you and you have changed my life around.'   I also received a letter from her recently saying the following: Dear Gina, I think of you and Matthew often. You are my shining example and I feel that my time with you was immeasurably valuable and I am sure I will soon reap the rewards of the fast. Best wishes,"

Stress/urinary tract infection/
gastrointestinal disorders.  Fasting client Mrs K: "Thanks very much, it was a great week and it did what I needed it to do."
Eating Disorders - Miss D: "I realise now that each time I come to you... I come to the ultimate healing and nurturing environment that I could and the great work you... accomplished each time with my stay. Thankyou so very much Gina for just being you, you are always in my thoughts and most of all give great hope to many!! xx"
Weight gain.  Miss M : "Thanks very much Gina!  Yes, your advice proved to be exactly what I needed!  I must admit I didn't follow it to the letter at the time - I had a good few excursions into the world of junk food over the summer!  But I'm back to 100% now and feeling great.  I never thought I'd get back to 100lbs, but here I am!  Very best regards," (Miss M)
Diabetic with Food Poisoning: "Am feeling a lot better. Thank you." Mr S
Various emotional complaints: "You have helped me so much with our healing session and helped me sort out an enormous problem.  And coming to you again, its as if a big cloud has been lifted.  You have got something quite special."  Mrs W
Fasting client: Intestinal disorders "The previous fast you supervised was so beneficial and revealing in so many ways.  I could feel my body trying to tell me things.  I also seem to have lost the craving for so many bad habits once ordinary everyday life resumed.  Yours in health," Mr W
Intestinal Health Problems: 'You are an excellent practitioner' Mr W
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'Endometriosis: - "You are a wonder woman!  I'm amazed, it's made so much difference!  I haven't felt so good in years since I've had a period.  I've just had the first pain-free period in years.  Thank you so much!'" Mrs B
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