In the Summer of 2006, Mr S was bitten by an insect whilst out in the fields doing some charity work.  He didn't think too much about it at first as it didn't seem to trouble him much, but then his foot became more and more painful, so he decided to go to his GP to find out what could be done.  He was sent to a Leg Ulcer Clinic where he was asked to attend at first on a weekly basis, then on a bi-weekly basis, until eventually, as the situation had got so bad, the Nurses had to do home visits on a daily basis.  The nurses bandaged his leg each time and applied various ointments and treatments to the ulcerated area as well as prescribing him a total of 4 doses of antibiotics over the almost 2 years that he was under their care. 

Still the ulcers failed to disappear, in fact, on the contrary they continued to increase in size, looking worse and worse and becoming more and more painful.  Coupled with this, he began to get eczema on many parts of his body, including both of his legs, both of his arms and around his hip area and the itching and pain would often keep him awake.

His pain grew increasing worse until earlier this year, when the pain was so bad he couldn’t even walk and remained bed-ridden.  He asked the most senior nurse what she could offer him and she wasn't sure what to do at all and had no real plan of action other than to continue down the same route as they had been going, which resulted in him losing all faith in their care.

He telephoned me in March of this year saying that he was in so much pain and had been completely bed-ridden and didn't know what to do anymore.  Green excudate was being eliminated through the ulcerated areas, which smelt very bad.  The pain was so intense that he stated that he would have been glad for his foot to be amputated and, indeed, had it got any worse, gangrene would have set in and he would have had to have his foot amputated.

Upon accepting Hygienic care, the weeks that followed were amazing.  We watched these grotesque ulcerations, which had by now covered a large area of his foot, heal stage by stage.  The interesting thing about this case was that the healing was so visual.  We watched as his amazing body intelligence self-healed, firstly shedding the dead and diseased tissue, and then, stage by stage, it began to re-build itself, in spite of the fact that there was much healing and detoxing to be done due to all the drug toxicity which had accumulated over the time he was under medical care, plus intestinal healing, etc., etc.

By the third week he was able to walk about again practically pain-free and by about the fourth week both the ulcerated areas were covered over with a large scab and, in the days which followed, the healthy tissue underneath began to reveal itself.  After approximately six weeks of supervision, the ulcers no longer caused him any pain whatsoever and he was out walking and attending to his daily activities again.  He now reports to me that he is out walking again, even for very long distances, and is very much enjoying his new-found freedom.

Ulcerative Colitis and Depression/Anxiety

Miss S from Florida contacted me back in June in order to have a consultation.  She had originally been diagnosed with Crohn's disease, but the medics decided that she actually had ulcerative colitis.  She found out about me through the internet and the testimonials she had read.

Miss S had been on the medical merry-go-round of drugs, colonoscopies, sigmoidoscopies and under the threat of impending surgery, if the drugs did not help.  She was more than fed up, she was suffering with severe anxiety and depression due to her disease-condition as she was unable to go out due to her constant bowel activity.  She had been suffering with ulcerative colitis for a few years.

Miss S was having 15-20 bowel movements per day with blood and mucus.  Upon adoption of my suggestions, the blood and mucus stopped accompanying the bowel movements and within just a few weeks she was down to 6 bowel movements a day and now, after just 8 weeks on, with my suggested modified dietary plan, she is back to a normal 2 bowel movements a day and is ecstatic.  Her bowel movements are normal again after years of pain and suffering! 

Miss S is now able to go out for long walks with her dog, do painting which she has always loved to do and do some long-awaited travelling and freedom.  She is feeling fit and well with high levels of energy again and no more anxiety and depression!


There are many people around who genuinely believe that the only way to get well is to follow a medical doctors advice, although this type of opinion is fast becoming out-of-date.  Unfortunately medical doctors are not trained the self-healing powers of the body and in the fact that drugs often result in more disease and can never result in an actual cure.  I have been in practice for about 10 years and have seen my methods quickly turnaround even more chronic health complaints, such as heart...

Natural Heaing Testimony by Mrs A.J.
In May 2004, my husband and I flew to Florida and I started bleeding rectally. The bleeding continued for the two weeks we were there. I rang a colonic specialist when we got back and he said it might be the flying that caused it. It didn’t clear up, so I got in touch with my GP practice and they treated my case as an emergency.

The Medical Merry-Go-Round
The emergency doctor said they first had to eliminate cancer (great start that!). He referred me to the sigmoidoscopy clinic where I had a sigmoidoscopy (a test which looks inside the lower part of the large bowel). This showed that I had colitis and very sore piles.

Because I was so inflamed they suggested I went in for a colonoscopy (this test looks at the whole of the inside of the large bowel). While I was waiting for the colonoscopy, the bleeding continued. Some days it was horrendous and other times it wasn’t so bad. I couldn’t eat anything without being in a lot of pain. I was passing a lot mucous and had a very windy tummy. All in all, pretty awful!

After the colonoscopy, they confirmed I did have colitis and told me to take some drugs called Asacol to reduce the bleeding. By the end of 2004, the bleeding, mucous and pain hadn’t got any better. If anything, it was worse.

Early in 2005, I started getting severe pain under my ribs on the right hand side. My GP said I was constipated and she gave me some laxatives. I suggested it might be my gall bladder, but she didn’t agree. I continued to struggle on… One morning I’d been having severe pain under my ribs on the right side but went to work anyway.

It was about 9am when I wandered into my boss’s office to say I felt dreadful and would be going home. As I was talking to her, the pain started again. She helped me to stand up, thinking it might alleviate the pain. I passed out. I don’t remember much after that. When I came round, we decided to call the company doctor as I wasn’t having any joy with my GP.
The company doctor was 99% sure it was my gall bladder. I was told to go and see a surgeon at the London Bridge Hospital. They did a scan and told me they couldn’t see any gallstones. They suggested it was my bowels causing the problem. I was then asked to come back in for a second colonoscopy, so they could take a look at was going on. They were concerned that my bowel was 'kinked' in some way.

After the second colonoscopy, I went back to see the surgeon who promptly told me that I didn’t have cancer, but that I did have ulcerative colitis. He then showed me the coloured pictures he had taken of my bowel while doing the colonoscopy. My bowel looked like it had 'chicken pox'.

I actually had hundreds upon hundreds of ulcers with big ulcers in between. This was really shocking for me to see, although I was relieved of course that I didn’t have cancer. He gave me the highest dose of Asacol that you could give someone and sent me off packing. He said "don’t come back unless you have any pain". I wish… !!

The Asacol didn’t seem to have any effect. The pain came back again. The surgeon referred me to another colon specialist. He wanted to do yet another (third) colonoscopy to have a look himself. He thought I might have Crohn’s disease - what next! The surgeon insisted I have the third colonoscopy on a local anaesthetic. I was in terrible pain half way through the procedure, so he ‘topped’ me up so I got sedated again.

I came round feeling sleepy. He told me they couldn’t get to examine the colon fully because I had such a long bowel. I’d have to go back in and have another (fourth) one done. Looking back I don’t know why I didn’t kick up a fuss!
When I went for the repeat procedure I had the full anaesthetic! Thank the Lord! Didn’t want to go back through that again! After the procedure, the surgeon confirmed… "You don’t have Crohn’s disease, but you definitely have ulcerative colitis". Steroids were offered as the only remedy, to try to calm down my poor inflammed, ulcerated colon. These I took for a couple of weeks and then I went back to the whacky doses of Asacol.

Did I improve? – No. Did the bleeding calm down? - No. Did the mucous stop? – No. The pain under my ribs came back a couple of times too. The docs didn’t know what to do with me. The medical doctor at work sent me back to see the surgeon. He did a further scan of my gall bladder, but nothing showed up. What a complete waste of time!

A Lucky Discovery
Meanwhile, my husband discovered a book by David Klein whilst surfing the net called Self Healing Colitis and Crohn's (image right).  In the book, David says you can email him about your problems. Then you can arrange a phone consultation if you like. Finally I started to talk to someone who understood what I was going through. He was amazed that I was even functioning at any level.  He recommended I see Dr. Gina Shaw in Devon, England and said I didn’t need to go to California. He gave me her email address and that was the beginning of a life changing process.

I'd organised time off from work for 3 months to make sure I had enough time to do this properly. I was sure in my heart of hearts that this would work because it made so much sense. Gina and David are both 'Natural Hygienists' I was led to understand, and they believe in natural healing by means of fasting, juice diets and other methods. Other than that I really didn’t have a clue as to what was involved, but I had more of an idea once I had read David’s book a few times.

Natural Healing
Gina assessed me with an 'iridology' [1] examination and within weeks I underwent a distance supervised fast. I spoke with Gina twice a day from home and I took my own blood pressure, pulse and temperature. I told Gina about any symptoms and sensations as they arose and told her how my day had been — physically and emotionally and so on.

I’d been warned that when you start this process, you don’t just go through a physical healing, you go through an emotional healing process too. So you really don’t know how you’re going to be from one day to the next. Each day you have different symptoms as your body starts to heal itself, but I was guided in times of need by Gina.

I stayed on a juice diet for a few weeks and I was amazed when the blood and mucus started disappearing from my bowel movements for the first time in years and, at last, I became pain-free again!

A New Woman!
It took a little while to get my strength back after the fast, but since then, I feel great. I can't remember the last time I felt so well - it‘s been amazing. I have had not bleeding at all. I’m off all drugs. I look so healthy that everyone keeps commenting on how good I look. People are even saying I look so much younger. My skin is clear, my eyes are clear. I can eat and have no pain, no bleeding. Amazing!!

I can now go out in the evening with my husband and enjoy having dinner out. I’ve started playing sport again after years of not being able to. My energy levels are so different — I have bags of it. Even my husband can’t keep up with me. Life has just taken on new meaning.

From the medical merry-go-round to natural healing, it’s been quite a journey. Thankfully for me, it has a happy ending but I feel for the poor souls who are suffering unnecessarily when a simple solution is available. I hope my story will inspire folks with ulcerative colitis to go the natural route to healing and onwards to health. ~ Mrs. A. J.

[1] Iridology - The iris of the eye is inspected as an aid in determining a person's state of health or in diagnosing a health problem.

About the Author
Gina Shaw is a Health and Nutrition Consultant, Iridologist, Fasting Supervisor and Health Lecturer. She offers private consultations by telephone, email or in-person and supervised water fasts and juice dieting both in the UK and overseas. She has been researching health and nutrition for many years. She also offers a correspondence course in Life Science (Natural Health). Click the following link to visit her Natural Hygiene website.

Since I have been in practice for several years now, I have seen some amazing health changes in people, some of which have been quite subtle and others of which have been nothing short of amazing — by just following some simple dietary and lifestyle changes. The first and one of the most notable examples is that of Mrs S. Mrs S presented to me with many, many health problems including angina, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, panic attacks, constipation, depression, mild obesity, etc.

Mrs S felt highly dependent upon several notorious medications and was told that she needed an angiogram, angioplasty and possible triple bypass surgery. Her son wanted her to go the alternative health route since her husband had recently been a victim of medical negligence and she was persuaded to seek my advice. Mrs S was a very nervous individual and needed constant reassurance but, low and behold, over the several weeks that she was under my private care, her health improved dramatically. Her dietary and lifestyle changes produced a very different person, free of angina, panic attacks, constipation, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol — and despite her recent bereavement, she became a much happier person month by month, especially when her living accommodation changed and she moved to a home with more people her own age. What's more she was free of medication and is now very anti-drugs!

Then there's Mr S, her son actually, who had sufferered chronic fatigue (ME) for several years before he came to me. Upon making various lifestyle and dietary changes, his health improved dramatically and he is one of my biggest fans!

Mr S was an insulin-dependant diabetic of many years standing. Indeed, he is in his 70's and has been diabetic for about 40 years. He rang me up complaining of constant diarrhea and vomiting and was worried because he was advised by the medical profession to carry on eating but every time he did he was sick! I put him on a modified diet for a few days and he felt much better and upon resuming normal eating again, changed his diet to a much healthier one. He managed, within just a couple of weeks, to reduce his insulin by one third! He is aiming to come off more of his medications shortly, such as his cholesterol medication, with the input of his GP.

Miss A presented with hypoglycemia and associated symptoms and within a few weeks she was able to fast with me, such was her improvement. Mr C presented to me with a stomach ulcer and upon making various dietary changes, he improved dramatically and became pain-free.

Mr D presented to me with a vitamin B12 deficiency and associated symptoms, namely difficulty gaining weight, muscle fatigue, low energy levels, etc. His clinical vitamin B12 levels tested in at 141pcmol and after his stay with me, he tested in at 415pcmol. Another diabetic, this time a non-insulin (Type II) diabetic, Mr B was worried as his health was declining and he wanted to reduce his dependency on medication and improve his health. He came to me only a few months ago and with the changes in his diet and lifestyle he has been able to come off of his more potent medication to a much less toxic and more agreeable medication over the months and is now off of it altogether.  He has weaned himself off of his cholesterol medication and other medications too, such as aspirin (with monitoring from his GP).

Please note that it is always the clients responsibility whether to come off drugs or not, I have no input. Also, practically all histories of medication stopping have been under the supervision of a GP (or in the case of animals, a Vet). I have also had much success with helping non-human animals too! I have had cats come off insulin upon changing their diet (with the input of a Vet), hot spots being eliminated, digestive disorders cured, etc.

A lady who came to me with weight problems recently wrote in to say: "I must thank you for the advice you gave me, I tried the changes to my diet that you suggested and lost 10lb despite being on holiday and probably, no not probably, most definitely eating more than I should have. I'm really pleased as I told you I have really struggled to get this weight off until now so once again thank you." Mrs S presented to me recently complaining of aches and pains down one side of her body. Upon taking my advice, she is becoming freer of these pains every day.

Miss D wrote to me recently after her short stay with me. She has a history of eating disorders. She wrote: "Thanks so much for everything you did for me. My friend was amazed at how well I looked so I gave her your card straight away. Thank you so warmly Gina."

Miss D was diagnosed with a B12 deficiency as well as very low ferritin levels and she was recommend ferrous sulphate supplements to remedy these and was told by her GP that natural healing methods would not help her condition and that it was critical that she take the recommended tablets; but she didn't want to do thing's this way.  To the Doctor's surpise, a few weeks later after staying at my Retreat in Devon, she returned home and had her B12 and ferritin levels re-tested and her levels were back to well within the normal range again.

You will also see many more testimonies on my Natural Healing website, including clients with eating disorders, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, weight problems, diabetes, etc. etc. and the website is being continuously updated. About the Author Gina Shaw is a Health and Nutrition Consultant, Iridologist, Fasting Supervisor and Health Lecturer. She offers private consultations by telephone, email or in-person and supervised water fasts and juice dieting both in the UK and overseas. She has been researching health and nutrition for many years. She also offers a correspondence course in Life Science (Natural Health). Click the following link to visit her Natural Hygiene website.

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