Mobile Phones - Frazzling People's Brains Everywhere?
by Dr Gina Shaw, MA AIYS (Dip. Irid.)
Are you one of those hip and trendy young creatures who wouldn't be seen dead without a mobile phone?  Well, how can you speak to your mates without one?  Well, read on and you might find you'll be more likely to be seen dead with one!  These days in our rushed lifestyles we depend more and more on these gadgets, but pay little attention to what the consequences short and long-term may be. 

There has been much controversy about the issue of mobile phones, as there have been with cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, meat eating, etc. but I think we must study things carefully and make common sense judgements before taking part in another mass experiment created for us by the greater evil!

A report in November 2000, stated that 35 million people in Britain se a mobile phone.  The government states that mobile phones have helped to reduce the number of young girls taking up smoking, which they think is a good thing.  Of course, smoking is a bad habit too.
So what is the problem with using a mobile phone, I hear you ask?  Well, the main problem is due to the electro-magnetic radiation.  Many people experience headaches, ear discomfort, nausea, dizziness and lack of concentration as a result of using a mobile phone.  In addition to this, many health complaints associated with mobile phone use have been reported including: chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines/headaches, mental confusion, nausea, memory loss, behavioural disorders, increased neuroticism and mental stress.

Recent press, television and radio reports have reinforced opinions which question the long-term safety of using a mobile phone and the harm it could do to a human.  More and more scientists are studying mobile phones and the resultant problems people may encounter when they are using them.  One research program claims that the radiation from mobile handsets can prevent the ability of white blood cells to fight disease.  The study involved taking white blood cells, or lymphocytes from a donor and exposing them to different electric fields.  It was found that only a third of cells exposed to microwaves from a mobile phone on standby mode were able to function after just three hours.  The researchers claim that the immune system is partially controlled by electro-magnetic fields emitted by the body and that the microwave radiation from a mobile phone interferes with these fields undermining the immune system's ability to function.  In fact, the phone does not have to be against your head to oresent a health risk.  Even on standby, clipped to a belt or clothing the radiation can pentetrate your body. Indeed, scientists admit that electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones 'warms brain tissue'.

The November 2000 report states that the levels of radiation increased by up to three and a half times by using a hands-free kit and obviously significantly boost the brain's exposure to radiation.  British consumer research magazine Which?  said the earlier Governmental research was flawed by its methodlogy and that the triple dosage of radiation exposure indicated from their research is more realistic as the hands-free kits could act as an aerial that channelled radiation to the ear.  Apparently, there is no way to work out the best position for the mobile phones to be held to find a safe way of using them.  Apparently, the level of emissions are 'within British and European safety levels', the Which? reporter stated.  Around the same time of this report being published, the Government announced that it proposed new guidelines for mobile phones to carry health warnings to specifically warn that children should not spend too long on their mobile phones(!), as they could be harmful.

So what do you want to do?  Would you take this risk with your health or do you stand up as someone who refuses to take part in another mass experiment of humankind

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