So many people suffer with fatigue these days, but what most people do not understand is why.  They may think to themselves 'Maybe the could do with a little more sleep', or 'Maybe its related to stress'.  Much of the time people don't actually understand what it is that actually drains our energy and what it is that actually revitalises our energy supply.  So, people try to get more sleep, but they still they can’t seem to shake this constant feeling of fatigue and low-energy levels and they never seem to have much energy to do things they would really like to do. 

Are you one of these people?  Would you like to turn things around?  Here are some of my recommendations to help you achieve more energy:

1.Sleep Patterns
Many people go to bed far too late of a night and end up tired the next day because of this.  It is important to have as many hours before 12 midnight as possible, i.e. get at least some early nights every week by, for instance, retiring at about 9 or 10 o’clock a couple of nights a week.  Remember: The hours before midnight are worth 2 hours sleep, as compared to the hours after midnight!

2.Cut Out Flesh Foods
By flesh foods I mean beef, pork, venison, chicken, turkey, fish, seafood, lamb, ham or whatever animal flesh you are currently consuming!  Meat is the hardest 'food' for the human body to digest and takes away a lot of energy in its digestion (and it provides very little by way of nutrition in return!)  A high-protein diet also depletes us of calcium which gets leached from our bones and teeth.  Indeed, there are many reasons why meat and animal products are harmful to us, but this has already been discussed in my book ‘The Undigestible Truth about Meat’. 

3.Cut Out Animal Products
By animal products, I mean dairy products including butter, milk, yoghurt, cheese, etc. and I am also including goat and sheep milk and its products.  These products are very unnatural for humans to eat, they are designed to be eaten by the offspring of the species (e.g. the calf, kid, etc.) and most of us do not possess the enzymes to digest these products.  Many of these products are too high in fat for us to digest with ease, coupled with the fact that they are cooked, this makes them very poor food choices.  We cannot easily digest nutrients from cooked foods such as proteins – which have become coagulated, or vitamins and minerals - which have become inorganic, therefore by remaining on a mainly cooked food diet, we are not providing ourselves with sufficient nutrients, especially when it is based on flesh foods and its products.  By the way, don't worry about insufficient calcium when you cut out dairy products, we get a far greater supply of calcium from green vegetables and salad as well as from certain nuts such as almonds and certain fruits.

4.Eat More Raw!
By eating easy-to-digest, raw foods instead of cooked meals ensures that we do not deplete our energy unnecessarily. Cooked foods drain away our energy because they are difficult for our bodies to digest, absorb and assimilate.  Meals composed of fresh fruit or salad require very little energy to digest, absorb and assimilate and provide us with many vital nutrients.

Exercise improves the efficiency of our sleep; indeed our whole body prospers from regular exercise as it speeds up healing, detoxification, improves our blood and lymphatic circulation, improves our heart and lung function, improves bowel action, etc.  Perhaps one of the best things about exercise is that it makes us feel good, as it releases endorphins into our bloodstream – the feel good chemical!

Emotional stresses can also cause fatigue, so if this is the problem, maybe a listening ear will help or maybe you need to take up a relaxation technique or yoga.  Having said this, emotional problems can be greatly helped by dietary changes.

If you are suffering from constant fatigue, it may be worth your while having a blood test to find out whether there is an underlying problem.  Otherwise, you may wish to have a personal consultation with myself or another trusted healthcare practitioner.  You could simply be suffering with a vitamin or mineral deficiency, or there may be another reason for your lack of energy, but either way it is worth getting it checked out!

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