Pesticides, fertilizers and industrial pollution enter our water as it cycles through the environment. As water moves through the atmosphere and ground, it acts like a large sponge and picks up mineral, chemical and gaseous pollutants. To find water that has not been affected by pollution finds us drilling deeper and deeper wells. This water has been under ground a long time and contains heavy mineral contents. These minerals are not in balance with those found in the human blood stream, and can cause or aggrevate health problems such as bladder stones, arthritis and hardening of the arteries to mention a few.

We cannot separate ourselves from the earth or our water. The quality of that water will have a direct effect on our health over the years or faster under severe conditions. To ensure our chances for better health we must take steps to prevent polluting our own bodies with the water we drink.

The Ecowater distiller offers a counter-top distiller which gives you the purest water available.  It eliminates arsenic, bacteria, cadmium, calcium, chlorides, chlorine, cryptosporidium detergents, fluorides, lead, magnesium, nitrate, pesticides, phosphates, pesticides, radon, sediment, sodium, sulphates, etc.  It is more efficient than any other water-purifying system and provides a fresh-tasting, pure water.

For details of other pure-water distillation systems currently on offer, please contact us directly.
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