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'Quick and Easy Raw Recipes For Maximum Nutrition' by Dr Gina Shaw
This book provides many healthful, properly-combined, raw recipes to help you on your way to optimum health.  Features
almost 40 mouth-watering recipes including chick pea croquettes, raw cheesecake, banana cake, savoury roll-ups, vegetable
soup and spaghetti bolognese.

Price £5.50 inc. P+P  
Alternatively, you can purchase this as an e-Book and save money! Price £4.99                      For orders outside the UK,
please contact Gina

'The Healthy Vegan Child' by Dr Gina Shaw
This book contains a basic lesson in health promotion for your child and discusses the basics for healthful living in an exciting book;
full of pictures and simple to understand language.  It teaches children about the healthiest foods to eat, fasting, food combining,
why meat should not be eaten, etc. and may be used as parental reading or be read by your child unaided (6 years upwards).

Price £5.50 inc. P+P                           For orders outside the UK, please contact Gina directly

'Nutrition & Emotions: How to Transform Your Life Through Optimum
The link between nutrition and the emotions is being recognised in wider and wider scientific circles and it is with this in
mind, that the author has put together an informative, clear and transformative workbook which helps the reader on their path to
emotional and physical health and freedom.  This book comes complete with exercises for spiritual growth and development
as well as much information about the links between health and nutrition.

'Tis excellent.  Very comprehensive and well-researched.' - Mr J. Jinu, London, England

'The links between nutrition and our physical health are well-documented and have been for many decades. 
Following on from this, it seems obvious that our minds too will be affected by the quality of food that we take
into our bodies. Dr Shaw has put together a very interesting, informative book which has the potential to
change people's lives and health both physically and mentally.  I highly recommend this book as an
essential reading item' - Dr Salihbegovic, London, England

Price £7.99 Inc P+P 
Or Buy Now as an e-Book for only £6.99!                         For orders outside the UK, please contact Gina directly
Education not Medication!

All of the following health books can be purchased here by Paypal if you are from the UK:-

'The Anti-Ageing Diet' by Dr Gina Shaw
Just released!  'The Anti-Ageing Diet' will teach you all the tricks of looking younger naturally, without expensive
lotions, toxic treatments or surgery!  This book is only currently available in e-Book format.
Price £7.99  

'The Undigestible Truth about Meat' by Dr Gina Shaw
An amazing insight into the startling evidence concerning the damaging effects of animal flesh in the human diet
and how an animal-free diet can increase longevity, improve our quality of life and reverse the ageing process.  A
must for any intelligent reader.  This book is not just for meat-eaters!  It teaches everyone about our natural diet
and how the raw diet leads to a greater quality of life.

'I am reading your book and am about halfway through it.  I am finding it difficult to put down until I have
finished.  I must compliment you on such a good, informative and understanding book.  It makes me all excited
inside and I just want to tell people who are suffering from diseases which are contributed by eating meat to 'stop
eating meat'. - Mrs Robinson, UK

'Thanks for such a great book!  I am so glad you did it and that I can sell it.' - David Klein, Editor of Living Nutrition, USA

Price £8.99 including P+P
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Alternatively, you can purchase this book as an e-Book and save money! Price £7.99 
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For ordering outside the UK, please contact Gina directly
For non-UK ordering, please contact Gina
Self-Healing Crohn's and Colitis book by David Klein
The amazing story of one man's journey, after disillusionment with the medical professional, to overcome the chronic bowel disorder, Ulcerative Colitis, through natural healing methods.

Price £15.00 plus £2.50 P+P  

For orders outside the UK, please contact Gina directly
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