When is a Raw Food Diet Not a Healthier Option?
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This is becoming an increasingly important question as many people assume that if they go onto a raw food diet they will automatically recover their health and feel better.  My heart has always gone out to people who are new to this movement as more and more marketing ploys are used these days to encourage people to choose junky raw food diets or less than optimal food choices.  The problem is that there are so many pitfalls and bandwagons for people to jump onto these days in the modern raw food movement and many people feel that there are healthier alternatives which can replace their current addictive behaviours but unfortunately, the hard reality is that many people are making themselves sicker and sicker by these so-called superfoods.  Many of these poor food choices which people are being seduced into consuming, such as raw chocolate, poorly food combined foods, gourmet raw food dishes, etc. are a far cry from a truly healthy Natural Hygiene lifestyle based on low-fat, properly-combined, high-percentage raw food diet which is the only diet which will radically change your health and lifestyle.

Can Raw Chocolate Really Be Healthy?
The answer is a resounding 'no'.  Chocolate and raw cacao contain significant levels of theobromine, theophylline, caffeine and phenylethlamine.  Any plants that contain chemicals ending with the suffix "ine" can do harm and hurt the body if used habitually.  Cacao beans are not really food. If you found them in nature, you wouldn't eat the seeds. Even if you wanted to eat the seeds, they would not taste like chocolate. In order for the cacao seeds to taste like chocolate and become the cacao beans that we know, they have to be fermented first. They are fairly bitter, indicating the presence of a poison.

Many living foods advocates are stating that a diet based on sprouts and cooked foods is superior to a high-fruit diet but what is the evidence for this?  Athough sprouted foods contain a multitude of vitamins and minerals and are high in digestible amino acids and fatty acids, the stark reality is that most sprouts are either difficult to digest in large amounts due to their high protein/high carbohydrate composition and/or they are toxic.  Over the years, Natural Hygienists have cured many, many thousands of people by fasting them and placing them on Hygienic diets and healthy children have been brought up on these principles.  Although shop-bought commercial (even organic) fruit may not be the same quality as wild or home-grown organic or veganic produce from your own land, I very much doubt that living foods are the answer.  Also, if people are not encouraged to properly food combine and continue to use toxic articles in their diet such as spices and pungent herbs (onions, garlic, etc.) how can true health ensue?  Many people find these types of diet unsustainable in the long-term anyhow, and resort to cooked foods to keep up their calories unless they are consuming large amounts of fats.  A low-fat, fruit-based vegan diet however is a much more enjoyable, sustainable and healthy option on the other hand and is more akin to our true biological character than any other diet imaginable when we study comparative anatomy and physiology.

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